[Poetry] When will I receive? A very Revolting poetry by miss Suzy S. Xavier

segunda-feira, abril 28, 2014
When will I receive? A very Revolting Poetry written by miss Suzy S. Xavier 

I am so revolting 
I just can t control 
I am lost and tight 
And messy and low 

 I hate how she doesn t 
Give gifts to me 
But she gave it to everyone already 
When will I receive?

I hate her so much 
She doesnt let me go travel 
She doesnt give me money either
With her I don t feel well 

 When will she 
 Let me be free 
All my cousins she created are 
When will I be? 

 She gave my gifts to the bitches 
Gave my toys to the bullies 
Even they being riches 
All of them received 

Oh great magic 
Give it all to me 
Make them all pay to me 
And set my spirit free!

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